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X Nutrients MX Clone Gel | Nutrient Growth Systems Canada

X Nutrients MX Clone Gel

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MX Gel is a breakthrough in gel technology offering two products in one!  MX Gel is effective and affordable.  As a gel you just dip your cutting to desired the depth before placing in your medium of choice.  As a solution simply dilute 1 teaspoon of gel to one gallon of water and use as a solution as well.  This solution can be used to soak rock wool cubes or in the aero system of your choice.  Its unique formulation will work for both softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings.  It offers rapid and healthy results for all types of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

What makes MX Gel different than similar products on the market are a number of key factors. First is its strength; MX Gel is nearly twice as strong in the active ingredient as the leading competitors gel on the market. Second is the price; not only is it almost twice as strong, but you get more for your money.  Third, you get two products on one, gel and solution.

Not all plants were created equal. Some plants are started from seed, and some plants are propagated. There are many techniques used for the different styles of propagation. Some gardeners prefer rock wool cubes in an enclosed dome, some prefer using an aeroponic machine, while some put a cutting in a cup of water on the window sill. There is no wrong way to do this, choose the style you are comfortable with and go for it. However, there are ways to get to the result faster and more effectively, and MX Gel is one of them. Pretty much all the products at your local store will work on your cuttings, you just have to ask yourself how much do you want to spend, and how long do you want to wait.  MX Gel you will save time and money.

For optimal results allow cuttings to sit in MX Gel for 30 seconds prior to inserting in another medium or propagator.  MX Gel will work with the most difficult cuttings, including softwood and semi-hardwoods.  The gel forms a tight seal around the base of the cutting.  Its unique ingredients cause it to cling to the plant providing an extra layer of protection.  Unlike powders that will fall off, MX Gel keeps providing that increased protection.

With MX Gel, you will see the results you want in short period of time.  Faster growth ensures higher survival rates.  The longer a cutting remains without support, the lower the chance of survival.  Not only will you see quick results using MX Gel, but earlier development means thicker and denser growth for the targeted area creating the base necessary for additional growth throughout the entire plant.

The X Nutrients MX Clone Gel is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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