Sunblaster 26W CFL 2700 Kelvin

Sunblaster 26W CFL 2700 Kelvin

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The Sunblaster 26 Watt bulb is a full spectrum compact fluorescent light that will provide your plants with the perfect amount of light, day and night.

  • 2700K Bulb is used for budding or flowering stages of plant growth.
  • This lamp mimics natural sunlight without the added hazard of heat damaging your plants.
  • Excellent for supplemental lighting in indoor greenhouse applications, where the Sun’s natural light is not available.
  • This bulb is self ballasted and works with any standard light socket. SunBlaster 26 watt CFL compact fluorescent bulbs fit into a variety of light fixtures such as table lamps, wall sconces and track lights. These bulbs are cost effective replacing your high wattage, short lived incandescent bulbs.
  • SunBlaster CFL lights feature a 1,700 lumen output and a 10,000 hour life these light bulbs are the equivalent of a 100 watt incandescent bulb and draw only 390mA. Dimensions are 5.4 x 2.4 inches, easily screwing into any standard light socket.
Light Output 1,700 Lumens
Power Consumption 26 Watts
Lumens per Watt 69
Rated Life 10,000 Hours
Nominal Length 138 mm
Nominal Width 60 mm
Voltage 110-130 Volts
Base Type  Standard – E26
Item Number (Single 6400K) 0900156
Item Number (Single 2700K) 0900155
Item Number (4 Pack 6400K) 0900153
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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 14, 2024

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