Rayonled GHB-630
Rayonled GHB-630

Rayonled GHB-630

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This LED grow light is the latest product from Rayonled's team of lighting experts, backed by their expertise in LED technology. This unit has everything to appeal to both hobby and commercial growers. 

Product Info

  • Power: 630W

  • PPE: 2.5μmol/J

  • PPF: 1,600μmol

  • Life-span: L85-50,000Hr

  • Chips: SAMSUNG LM301B

  • Work temperature: -25°C ~ 50°C

  • Working relative humidity: 23% ~ 90%

  • CRI: 80Ra

  • RJ14 port

  • ETL Certification

  • 5-year warranty 



Isolated light engines are made of extruded aluminum for better cooling. Easily removable driver and light bars for maintenance capability. Driver housing is made of aluminum extrusion and can be installed remotely. A multi-bar modular assembly unit makes easy assembly and installation.

Mounted by suspension with stainless V hooks for luminaire and driver box


Model GHB-630 comes with our full spectrum.

It can be used for both vegetation and flowering.

This spectrum promotes flowering, robust stem growth and proper node spacing.

The Rayonled GHB-630 was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 03, 2024

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