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Optimum Hydroponix Mystik Root

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Optimum Hydroponix MYSTIK ROOT 0.2 - 0.3 - 0.4
Powers the proliferation of plentiful root masses peaking absorption rates of nutrients and water from growing media or hydroponic solutions.

• Stimulates explosive root growth optimizing the absorption rates of nutrients and water.
• Propagates vigorous root formations and strong growth shoots.
• Active agents inhibit soil disease and boost plant vitality.
• Ideal for rooted cuttings.

Detailed description:

- Nitrogen 0.2%
- Phosphate 0.3%
- Potash 0.4%

The Optimum Hydroponix Mystik Root is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 06, 2023