Optimum Hydroponix Mystik Grow
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Optimum Hydroponix Mystik Grow

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Optimum hydroponix MYSTIK GROW 0.2 -0.2- 0.5
Drives absorption limits to maximum speed boosting nutrient uptake in plants.

• Boosts plants capacity to rapidly absorb nutrients cultivating hardy structures and vigorous foliage.

• Catalyzes the transport of sugar molecules to all parts of the plant.

MYSTIK a collection of three intoxicating cocktails blended to stimulate and amplify natural functions in plants through superior assimilation of nutrients at all stages of plant life.


• Brewed with a combination of all-natural ingredients, highly concentrated seaweed, botanical extracts, over 30 trace elements and amino acids.

• Trace elements and beneficial fungi hinder unwanted disease and reinforce the plant’s immune system.

• Active enzymes have a cleansing effect on irrigation systems.

• Compatible with all substrates, crops and regular plant nutrients.

• Does not alter pH and EC (TDS) values of nutrient solutions.

Use MYSTIK ROOT once cuttings are transplanted until strong root systems are established. Add MYSTIK GROW throughout the vegetative stage up to the third week of flowering. Continue with MYSTIK BLOOM from the first week of flowering until harvest.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Optimum Hydroponix Mystik Grow.

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