Optimum Hydroponix Fulvex
Optimum Hydroponix Fulvex
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Optimum Hydroponix Fulvex

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Foliar fusion that stimulates hormonal activity and improves the absorption of nutrients by hydroponic or soil-grown plants.

Fulvex Fossil Force is a liquid concentrate derived from decaying organic matter called humus.
Humates have a very high biological activity.
In plants, they stimulate immunity and metabolism while promoting the development of healthy root systems.

• Facilitates the absorption of nutrients by plants.
• Increases the permeability of plant membranes to promote nutrient absorption.
• Creates microbiological activity in plants.
• Triggers and improves the growth from sprouting to flowering.
• Can increase yields.

Fulvex Fossil Force is an extremely effective constant chelator that, when diluted and applied as a foliar spray, increases the availability and performance of micronutrients in plants.

Detailed Description:

- Nitrogen 0.3%
- Phosphorus 0.5%
- Potash 1%
- Can also be used to water the root zone of plants.
- Fulvex Fossil Force is a concentrate and must be diluted before application.
The Optimum Hydroponix Fulvex is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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