HLG 325 Max
HLG 325 Max
HLG 325 Max
HLG 325 Max

HLG 325 Max

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Our HLG 325 Max Indoor Horticulture LED grow light is designed for use in a 3' x 3' tent. It can also be used in a 4x4 tent for veg or mother plants. Samsung LM301H 4000K spectrum provides a full cycle spectrum.

Top Features

  • Full spectrum for better results
  • Reliable passive-cooled design
  • Dimmable power supply included
  • Auto sensing power supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC
  • High efficiency white light Quantum Boards®
  • 3 Year Warranty


Power* 35-325 Watts
Voltage Range 90-277 VAC
Flowering Footprint 3' x 3'
Veg Footprint 4' x 4'
Dimensions 24" x 20" x 1.75"
Recommended Mounting Height 18-24 inches

* This lamp does not Dim to Off. At min dimming it runs at 10% output

The HLG 325 Max is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 14, 2024

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