Frosty Gee Feminized Seed Spray
Frosty Gee Feminized Seed Spray

Frosty Gee Feminized Seed Spray

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How do I use this Product?

Separate the plants you plan to reverse from the plants you plan to pollinate. The reversal plants will perform best if they are multi-topped plants as apposed to single top plants. It is best to prepare ahead and pinch the tops to facilitate this process.

1. For optimal results start the spraying
process 5 days prior to switching the
chosen female reversal plant(s) into the
flower/bloom phase.
2. During the spray process, apply 3-5
sprays at each desired bud site every 3 or
5 days for approximately 21 days. Or until
pollen sacs become ripe. During this time
avoid direct light exposure and avoid
spraying in and around unwanted reversal
3. Once pollen sacs are fully visible,
discontinue spraying.
4. Now your plant is ready to be
introduced to your other female flowering
5. Collecting pollen to manually pollinate
at a later date is also an option.


For abundant seed production you will want a ratio of approximately 1:4 reversed plant to seed mothers. In other words, if you have 12 plants to start with you will want to reverse 3 of them. This ratio only applies to commercial seed producers.


How often do I need to spray?

You must start the flowering and spray regimen on the chosen reversal plants approximately 21 days before you flower the seed mothers. This timing ensures you get maximum pollen production around the time the female plant is in her reproductive prime. 21 days represents the approximate average. This can vary between 14 days and 25 days.  

-The spraying process begins the day before you switch the reversal plant(s) to flower. This should be done soon                                

-Between day 14 and day 25, start the flowering process on the female seed mother plants. (See footnotes 1)

-After the female plants have a small cluster of stigmas they can be united with the reversed female plants for pollination. We usually do this when the stigmas are protruding but before the calyxes begin to swell.

How to care for the plant?

Reversed female plants do not produce as much pollen as male plants so it is important to take a few steps to insure proper pollination.    

 -Always provide adequate airflow to the cultivation area with fans.  


-Agitate the reversed plants daily by shaking them gently in front of fans.                                

 -Keep the humidity as low as possible; this will increase the amount of airborne pollen. This also helps minimize mold, which can be more prevalent in reversed female flowers.   

-If particular reversed plants tend to produce more pollen be sure to shift them around the cultivation area  

When will I start seeing results?

you should see signs of successful pollination within a few days of joining the plants. Be patient, the process is much slower and less effective than breeding with males.


Stress testing your plant

Stress testing your female plants is essential to removing breeding plants with hermaphroditic tendencies. Even if you're not using feminized pollen, breeding with unstable parents can produce hermaphroditic seeds. It's extremely important to expose your potential parents to the stresses most commonly known to trigger hermaphroditic flower production. These include, but are not limited to, the following stresses:

Inconsistent Light Schedules
Pinhole Light——-Excess or Extreme Changes in Temperature
Bound Roots
pH too Low/High
Lighting Spectrum Change
Media Excessively Wet/Dry
Excessive Supercropping/Heavy-Trimming
Root Pruning
Proximity to Sessions (just making sure you're reading. lol)
Over/Under Feeding
Incorrect Nutrient Profile
Pesticide/Chemical Exposure
Extended Flowering Time
Only females which stay 100% female should be used for breeding purposes.
A Note on STS "Burning" the Plant
Many growers have reported the STS solution 'burning' the plant. I strongly recommend diluting your spray further than 1:9, if you experience any burning of your plants.

The Frosty Gee Feminized Seed Spray is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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