Mars Hydro FC-4800
Mars Hydro FC-4800
Mars Hydro FC-4800
Mars Hydro FC-4800
Mars Hydro FC-4800
Mars Hydro FC-4800
Mars Hydro FC-4800
Mars Hydro FC-4800
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Mars Hydro FC-4800

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  • MAXIMIZE YIELDS & CROP QUALITY: FC4800 led grow light with 2016pcs Samsung LM301 & Osram 660nm Diodes, boast the incredible efficiency 2.8 µmol/J, max 2.5g yield per wattage with 30% higher Average PPFD, achieve 50% higher yield & quality compared with the old lights! Only consumes 480W for 4x4ft personal growth, 3x3ft for commerical grow.
  • FLEXIBLE DIMMABLE LED GROW LIGHT: Easy dimming & daisy chain max up to 15 lights, master light controlled.Wide 6-bar form factor offers even & broad canopy coverage, maximizes your grow space, slim 180° foldable design, making it compact, easy to install, IP65 waterproof, make it a flexible high performance commercial grow light for enormous yields.
  • AMAZING HEAT DISSIPATION: Low energy consumption FC4800 growing light with 6 passive-cooled bars, aluminum heat-sink, no-fan zero noise design, and removable Inventronics Driver equal unmatched performance in heat dispersing & lifespan, drop 50% in electricity bill than HID lights!
  • UPGRADED FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT: Yield Max Spectrum with enhanced red (Top-Bin Samsung 3000k-5000knm, Osram 660nm Deep Red), speed up blooming & fruiting, suit for full-cycle growing.FC4800 LED grow lamp, born for Big Buds,widely suit for commercial, home grow tent, grow room, hydroponics, soil growth. Input Voltage 100-277V.
  • BEST SAMSUNG DIODES COMMERICAL GROW LAMP: MARS HYDRO FC4800 has Top Bin genuine Samsung Osram Diodes, combined with remarkable 2.8 µmol/J Efficacy, 30% higher Average PPFD, 50% less energy consumption, to maximize your yields & profits. Trusted 3 years warranty, any questions, please feel free to email us, 100% Satisfactory Solution guaranteed!!!
  • WEIGHT(KG) 8.8
    COVERAGE(FT) 4'x4'
    PPFD 2.8 µmol/j
    SPECTRUM 660-665nm,3200-4200K,5200-6800K
    CHIP BRAND Samsung lm301 & Osram 660nm
    DRIVER Inventronics
    VOLTAGE AC100-277V
    DIMENSION 83*82*10.05 cm
    LIFESPAN 50000 H
    WARRANTY 5 years
    RECOMMENDED LIGHT/TENT 120x120x200 grow tent

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Mars Hydro FC-4800.

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