Acmpr license

Welcome to NGSC's Medical Cannabis Prescription and Licensing Services. 
Please see the following information for obtaining a Medical Marijuana Prescription with Canna Health Medical. 
Please Go to Canna Health Medical   Click Here.
***Please remember when you make contact with your representative from "Canna Health Medical" you make them aware you were referred by NGSC.***
The yearly fees cover the cost of the clinic, the physician, liaison with your Licensed Producer on your behalf. Unlimited renewals throughout the year. This also includes counselling and advocacy on your behalf as well as any medical documents that need to transferred through health care providers at your  request. 
Pick your preferred Licensed Producer and register with them directly on their website. Let a member of the Canna Health Team know who you have registered with so we can fax your documents out accordingly. The LP will then contact you when your registration is completed and ready to order. 
Note: If you will be applying for Access to Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes (ACMPR) please call one of our consultants @ 1-800-315-0899 to see if you qualify and you will be directed through the process accordingly. 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Rep directly Christian @ 1-800-315-0899 or
Let us know if you would like a quote for your ACMPR Script as well. :) 5/g a day up too 200/g+ or more (25 plants to 976 plants+) MOST COMPETITIVE RATES IN CANADA FOR ACMPR SCRIPTS
Hope you have a Great Day!
Customer Service Team